My Surprising “Protective” Style Option


It’s my TWA!

Okay, I get it. There are probably a lot of people who will say the definition of a protective style precludes an “out” style like an afro. However, a lot of these things are kind of fluid in the natural hair community, and that is because what protects my hair or promotes length retention for me may cause breakage for you.

The reason that my TWA is a great protective style is because

  1. It requires little manipulation for me.
    1. I do have to pick it. When I’m getting myself ready for the day, I wet my hair (and moisturize depending on the day) and pick mainly the sides and back. I don’t pick the top much because I’m growing out a tapered cut, and the top is at least twice as long as the rest. So I when I pick the back and sides, it ends up looking like a reasonably shaped TWA.
      1. I know! Picking sounds like pretty serious manipulation. I don’t pull my pick through my ends too much because I really want my hair semi-stretched away from my scalp. I try to pick more at the roots and pull with my hands.
  2. It keeps my hands out of my hair!
    1. I am very much like a child in that when I have my hair styled, I touch it. I want to feel the texture of it. And I’m really bad about it. When I have it in the more familiar TWA, I’m not tempted (as much).
  3. My ends aren’t really that exposed…I’m hypothesizing.
    1. No, my ends are not tucked away per se. However, due to my curl pattern and hair type (4c, I’m pretty sure), my hair coils in on itself. So I don’t think my ends stick out a lot. (I could be wrong.) It doesn’t hurt that my hair is heat damaged on the ends (SMH – that’s what you see sticking out. I just had my hair trimmed 7 weeks…whoa, almost time for another.), and I plan on chopping that in a few months.
  4. Finally, I’ve done this before. This is my 2nd big chop, and my hair retained length pretty nicely when it was out and left alone. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I will admit that I think this works much better as a “protective” style in the warmer months. Moisture retention is simpler for me in the summer. Cold, dry, and exposed hair needs a helping protective style hand.

What do you guys think? Am I crazy?

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