No Puff Zone! The Style I Can’t Stand…

Do y’all see this?


No, seriously, do you see this?


I mean, I even tried to get in the sun and scrunch up my nose to add lighting and cuteness.

Wrong. I know I look a little regular in the pic, but my hair normally helps that. Not this time. This is why I hate the single puff. I can’t stand it. I used to live by the puff. When my hair was longer, I wore that thing out so much, my ex told me that it was tired and he didn’t want to see it so much. (The side eye is still strong for that.) But now, all I see is BASIC when I see myself with the puff. I couldn’t even celebrate the fact that I can pull my hair back into a puff – I mean, it has grown that much!! But the puff cain’t live here no more.

Number 1. Dorcas can’t be looking regular. (That’s my afro’s name. Dope, I know.) For whatever reason, the puff does me no favors. No help for my bone structure or nothing! I don’t know about the rest of y’all, so no shade.

Number 2. Plus the puff is rough on my edges, and my edges currently LIVE since my 2nd big chop last year.

Number 3. The puff has nearly always given me a giant headache. I’ll give it a try when I have enough hair to sit a puff at the top of my head (pineapple style) without wrapping the band too tightly.

So I guess my lazy style will have to be the unstretched fro… We’ll see.

Thanks for reading! Happy New Year! No single puffs for the Royal Coil in 2016.

I’m not a blogger…

I’m not a blogger. Although I have tried so hard to be one. I have tried to consistently come up with reasons why readers should visit my blog – reasons that fit into neat little lists that make supposedly attention-grabbing headline. But nah. I haven’t been able to do it. I can’t seem to find the consistency for it. I haven’t been able to find the rhythm to my writing in the past year. I write out of passion or at least interest or humor. It feels impossible to blog when I feel like I have to. And when you’re a blogger (that writes posts), you have to.

I’m not a blogger. I don’t have good fashion pics, and I don’t have artistically photographed images of my perfectly decorated desks with accessories from Ross and Home Goods and Kate Spade and whatnot. (Not to say that I wouldn’t want one of those cute little workspaces with the fun/funky deco.) But my not having one and what would happen in mine speaks to the type of mind I have. I’m a bit chaotic. I’m complex. I’m multitudinous. I start one thought and leave off at another one. One train of thought collides with a million others in my mind. I write things down to remember them, but I don’t even do that in an organized manner.

I’m not a blogger. Although I do want to share my natural hair experience, I don’t want to do a millionth review on the same natural hair product that nearly everyone has already tried. I don’t want to try to convince readers of the same thing that thousands of other bloggers are trying to convince readers of. (No shade, because there is still room out there for natural hair bloggers to get out their and reteach the same things that have been becoming more common over the past decade or so. There are lots of newbies cropping up with lots of questions all the time. For me, it just feels stale.) Everything that I’ve tried on my blog kind of falls through, and I hate that. I’m not a blogger. I’m a creative, and I live in my head a lot. I’m a visionary, but I want to share my vision, hence the blog.

I’m not a blogger, but I’m figuring things out. I’m becoming myself, my true self, more and more, and I LOVE IT. I’m not neat, but I have a pattern. It’s just that I’m learning it. I value experience. I’ll take impartation over information.

So come and vibe with me.

P.S. I wonder if this thing will even get posted because my strong suit is starting things…not finishing.

The Road to Natural: Memories of the Glorious Transition

I’m sure I’m not the only one who was thoroughly transformed by returning to natural. There were a lot of things that I had no idea that I was learning. Much of the time, I was focused on doing/fixing my hair, but my transition and the journey that ensued has taught me so much about life. So this is the introduction of a series of posts about my transition and what I’ve learned.

I began my journey during my freshman year of college. This is about what I looked like when I got my last relaxer.


One thing I’ve learned is that I love exactly who I am, what flows and grows out of me naturally. I love it. I’m comfortable with it. I know it. The natural life is the only option there ever was.

So reminisce with me as I wax poetic about discovering the real me through my hair.