No Puff Zone! The Style I Can’t Stand…

Do y’all see this?


No, seriously, do you see this?


I mean, I even tried to get in the sun and scrunch up my nose to add lighting and cuteness.

Wrong. I know I look a little regular in the pic, but my hair normally helps that. Not this time. This is why I hate the single puff. I can’t stand it. I used to live by the puff. When my hair was longer, I wore that thing out so much, my ex told me that it was tired and he didn’t want to see it so much. (The side eye is still strong for that.) But now, all I see is BASIC when I see myself with the puff. I couldn’t even celebrate the fact that I can pull my hair back into a puff – I mean, it has grown that much!! But the puff cain’t live here no more.

Number 1. Dorcas can’t be looking regular. (That’s my afro’s name. Dope, I know.) For whatever reason, the puff does me no favors. No help for my bone structure or nothing! I don’t know about the rest of y’all, so no shade.

Number 2. Plus the puff is rough on my edges, and my edges currently LIVE since my 2nd big chop last year.

Number 3. The puff has nearly always given me a giant headache. I’ll give it a try when I have enough hair to sit a puff at the top of my head (pineapple style) without wrapping the band too tightly.

So I guess my lazy style will have to be the unstretched fro… We’ll see.

Thanks for reading! Happy New Year! No single puffs for the Royal Coil in 2016.

My Favorite Type of Style: TWISTS!

Throughout my natural hair journey before I BC’ed again and as soon as I had enough hair after I BC’ed, I have heavily relied on twists. They have carried me and have proven to be so versatile. As a natural who has always preferred a protective style to any other, the two strand twist and flat twist have proven to be a dream. I was 2 years into being natural before I realized that I could do my hair myself; that’s when I started doing 2 strand twists. Before that I had gotten my hair done regularly for a period of a few months and then just wore my hair out in a fro or puff. It was a year later when I decided to try my hand at flat twists, and, of course, I’ve been in love ever since. Only thing is that I can be pretty bad at parting. lol. #Nightmare #Ohwell


Anyway, this is why TWISTS are the best:

1.They’re easy to do. – I think we all can agree that two strand twists are a breeze to do, although they make take a while. Flat twists may seem difficult, but they’re pretty simple to do and practice makes perfect.

2. They’re easy to style. – Depending on how you want to look, you can two strand twist on wet hair or dry hair. You can make them really small or really thick. You can twist in different directions so that your hair can fall a certain way. The same can be said about flat twists.

3. They’re pretty easy to moisturize. – For two strand twists, the smaller they are, the easier because I can moisturize it like I would unstyled strands. Flat twists may prove to be more of a challenge because you can’t get at all of the hairs, but my hair retains moisture really well with this style. (I also think my hair is not very porous. So once moisture is in there, it’s there to stay.)

4. They’re so easy to live in!!! You can wash your hair in these! (I don’t because I have to be able to get at my whole scalp; so I can’t be gentle.) You can get these wet and still have a style. Well, you can with two strand twists anyway. The maintenance is nearly nonexistent. Just make sure you don’t lay on them crazy because you will look like Buckwheat.

5. The Twistout!! Enough said.

6. I can’t cornrow. Lol. Yeah, that’s my reason.

7. My braidouts are always subpar. Lol.

All hail the glorious twist! What do you guys think about twists? Are they your favorites or nah?

My Surprising “Protective” Style Option


It’s my TWA!

Okay, I get it. There are probably a lot of people who will say the definition of a protective style precludes an “out” style like an afro. However, a lot of these things are kind of fluid in the natural hair community, and that is because what protects my hair or promotes length retention for me may cause breakage for you.

The reason that my TWA is a great protective style is because

  1. It requires little manipulation for me.
    1. I do have to pick it. When I’m getting myself ready for the day, I wet my hair (and moisturize depending on the day) and pick mainly the sides and back. I don’t pick the top much because I’m growing out a tapered cut, and the top is at least twice as long as the rest. So I when I pick the back and sides, it ends up looking like a reasonably shaped TWA.
      1. I know! Picking sounds like pretty serious manipulation. I don’t pull my pick through my ends too much because I really want my hair semi-stretched away from my scalp. I try to pick more at the roots and pull with my hands.
  2. It keeps my hands out of my hair!
    1. I am very much like a child in that when I have my hair styled, I touch it. I want to feel the texture of it. And I’m really bad about it. When I have it in the more familiar TWA, I’m not tempted (as much).
  3. My ends aren’t really that exposed…I’m hypothesizing.
    1. No, my ends are not tucked away per se. However, due to my curl pattern and hair type (4c, I’m pretty sure), my hair coils in on itself. So I don’t think my ends stick out a lot. (I could be wrong.) It doesn’t hurt that my hair is heat damaged on the ends (SMH – that’s what you see sticking out. I just had my hair trimmed 7 weeks…whoa, almost time for another.), and I plan on chopping that in a few months.
  4. Finally, I’ve done this before. This is my 2nd big chop, and my hair retained length pretty nicely when it was out and left alone. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I will admit that I think this works much better as a “protective” style in the warmer months. Moisture retention is simpler for me in the summer. Cold, dry, and exposed hair needs a helping protective style hand.

What do you guys think? Am I crazy?

Work Whatcha Got Hairstyle Challenge: Style 2

So I’m finding that a little goes a long way as it pertains to changing my look with my tapered fro. I don’t have that much hair to work with, but it seems to have grown quite fast. Style 1 was the Side Part. Not a big deal, but it made a distinctive difference.

Style 2 is the semi-stretched Side Part. Last night, I realized that I have enough hair on the back and sides to flat twist. In my excitement, I stretched my hair on the back and sides using flat twists and on the top with large two strands that didn’t dry completely. The result was a semi-stretched TWA with my fave – the Side Part.

Style 2 shown on the left.
              Style 2 shown on the left.

The two styles seem quite similar, but stretching the shorter parts of my hair while allowing the top to shrink some gave my TWA a rounder shape plus it was more noticeably textured. In my opinion, it has a sufficiently different vibe, and I loved it! It was a nice softer look for church today.

Gotta keep creating and innovating. That’s for hair and for life.