My Favorite Type of Style: TWISTS!

Throughout my natural hair journey before I BC’ed again and as soon as I had enough hair after I BC’ed, I have heavily relied on twists. They have carried me and have proven to be so versatile. As a natural who has always preferred a protective style to any other, the two strand twist and flat twist have proven to be a dream. I was 2 years into being natural before I realized that I could do my hair myself; that’s when I started doing 2 strand twists. Before that I had gotten my hair done regularly for a period of a few months and then just wore my hair out in a fro or puff. It was a year later when I decided to try my hand at flat twists, and, of course, I’ve been in love ever since. Only thing is that I can be pretty bad at parting. lol. #Nightmare #Ohwell


Anyway, this is why TWISTS are the best:

1.They’re easy to do. – I think we all can agree that two strand twists are a breeze to do, although they make take a while. Flat twists may seem difficult, but they’re pretty simple to do and practice makes perfect.

2. They’re easy to style. – Depending on how you want to look, you can two strand twist on wet hair or dry hair. You can make them really small or really thick. You can twist in different directions so that your hair can fall a certain way. The same can be said about flat twists.

3. They’re pretty easy to moisturize. – For two strand twists, the smaller they are, the easier because I can moisturize it like I would unstyled strands. Flat twists may prove to be more of a challenge because you can’t get at all of the hairs, but my hair retains moisture really well with this style. (I also think my hair is not very porous. So once moisture is in there, it’s there to stay.)

4. They’re so easy to live in!!! You can wash your hair in these! (I don’t because I have to be able to get at my whole scalp; so I can’t be gentle.) You can get these wet and still have a style. Well, you can with two strand twists anyway. The maintenance is nearly nonexistent. Just make sure you don’t lay on them crazy because you will look like Buckwheat.

5. The Twistout!! Enough said.

6. I can’t cornrow. Lol. Yeah, that’s my reason.

7. My braidouts are always subpar. Lol.

All hail the glorious twist! What do you guys think about twists? Are they your favorites or nah?